kitchen1- 6ft.tall panel_blue & clear.JPG

kitchen2 - 4ft.tall, art nouveau w. red,purple,green,blue.JPG

kitchen3 - parrots.JPG

Art in Glass3 - window sash wit geometric_blue & white.JPG

Art in Glass4- window sash - grays-reds.JPG

Art in Glass5 - window sash - Santa Fe.JPG

Art in Glass6 - window sashes - mauves - bluegreens.JPG

Art in Glass7 - - interior wall - Craun.JPG

kitchen4 - fruit_doors between kitchen & diningroom.JPG

Notre Dame- back lit.JPG

Notre Dame- front lighting.JPG


Bedroom Left.JPG

Bedroom Center.JPG

Bedroom Right.JPG

Office Left.JPG

Office Left.JPG




Glass with antique center.JPG


These photographs are representational of Sheila's vast portfolio of completed designs. All works shown have been created as a commissioned project for a client and has been sold.