Entryway 1- butterflies & flowers.jpg

Entryway 12 - sidelights w. clear glass.JPG

Entryway11Sidelight - Reds,oranges,golds.JPG

Entryway12- Sidelight detail_all clear glass.JPG

Entryway13-frosted glass for privacy.JPG



Entryway16 - sidelight.JPG

Entryway2 - arch - tibet.JPG

Entryway3 - transom in livingroom - golds & gree.JPG

Entryway4A transom - antique house -Parfitt.JPG

Entryway4B -transom - antique house - detail.JPG

Entryway5 - exterior.JPG

Entryway5 - interior.JPG

Entryway5 -sidelight - freehanging w.blue rond.JPG

Entryway6 - transom - for antique house - reeds.JPG

Entryway6-view 2_ transom backlight.JPG

Entryway7 - sidelight.JPG

sidelight right.JPG

sidelight left.JPG

Entryway7 -transom - bedroom_ art deco - bedroom.JPG

Entryway7A- before.JPG

Entryway8 - livingroom before.JPG

front porch left.JPG

front porch right.JPG

Entryway8A - livingroom w.glass.JPG

Entryway9 - red door w. clear arches.JPG


These photographs are representational of Sheila's vast portfolio of completed designs. All works shown have been created as a commissioned project for a client and has been sold.