Art in Glass 10- clear freeform w.copper frame.jpg

Art in Glass 11A - drapery glass finished.JPG

Art in Glass 11B-drapery glass.JPG

Art in Glass8- garden gate.jpg

Art in Glass11 - drapery glass in progress.JPG

Art in Glass7 - - interior wall - Craun.JPG

Art in Glass 12 - circle_ blue striped plate.JPG

Art in Glass 13 - with tailpipe.JPG

Art in Glass 14 -Clear w. geode & bevel.JPG

Art in Glass 15 - reds& yellows.JPG

Art in Glass 16 - free form in mauve brown border.JPG

Art in Glass 17 - geometric in mauve brown.JPG

Art in Glass 18 - clear w. bluegreen rondel.JPG

Art in Glass 19 circle w.pinls,lav.,clear.JPG

Art in Glass 20 -circle w.bevel & turq.stripe.JPG

Art in Glass 22 - crazy quilt w. blues & red.JPG

Art in Glass 23 - free form w. clear.JPG

Art in Glass 24 - free form w. kiwi geode.JPG

Art in Glass 25 - round free form in lav. w. vase neck.JPG

Art in Glass 26 - circle rondel.JPG

Art in Glass 27 - circle w. light green textured circle.JPG

Art in Glass 28 - circle w. bottle piece - Holloways.JPG

Art in Glass9 - blue bowl w. pink, blue green.jpg


Art in Glass2 - sign.JPG

Art in Glass21 - lime green border w. fused glass.JPG

Art in Glass3 - window sash wit geometric_blue & white.JPG

Art in Glass4- window sash - grays-reds.JPG

Art in Glass5 - window sash - Santa Fe.JPG

Art in Glass6 - window sashes - mauves - bluegreens.JPG

Lary stained glass 1.jpg

Lary stained glass 5.jpg

Bird of Paradise.jpg

Bird of Paradise.jpg

Reception Area.jpg

BP Lobby Art.gif


These photographs are representational of Sheila's vast portfolio of completed designs. All works shown have been created as a commissioned project for a client and has been sold.