Wall graphics 1A - coolfont spa2.JPG

Wall graphics 7A - racetrack.JPG

Wall graphics 9B - USM-Dynapert corridor.JPG

Wall graphics1- coolfont spa.JPG

Wall graphics2 - computerized bindery plant.JPG

Wall graphics3 -bank.JPG

Wall graphics4 - laundryroom in condominium.JPG

Wall graphics5 - outside of paint store.JPG

Wall graphics6 - pool at health club.JPG

Wall graphics7 - racetrack.JPG

Wall graphics7B detail.JPG

Wall graphics7B racetrack.JPG

Wall graphics7B1 detail.JPG

Wall graphics8 - Healthclub.JPG

Wall graphics8A - Healthclub.JPG

Wall graphics9 -United Shoe Machinery corridor.JPG

Wall graphics9A - USM corridor.JPG

Wall graphics9C - USM-Dynapert corridor.JPG
Wall graphics9D - USM corridor - boot toes.JPG
Wall graphics9E -USM corridor -cowboy boots.JPG
BP Lobby Art.gif

Pet Portrait.JPG

Conference room -BP Solar, Frederick MD

Venus in the mirror -Village Finery, Shepherdstown


These photographs are representational of Sheila's vast portfolio of completed designs. All works shown have been created as a commissioned project for a client and has been sold.